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Introducing the World’s Only
Merchant Service with Loyalty Rewards

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Earn points on merchant service volume. Redeem for leisure.

We are disrupting the merchant services paradigm. We think you should be rewarded for your business. With our merchant services program, we match your existing merchant services terms AND we reward you for points you can redeem for air, resorts, and cruises.


Choose from a large selection of luxurious resorts


Sail the seas with points

Private Air

Redeem points to fly domestically or internationally

Cruise Ship
Live in the moment. Cherish the memories forever.
Exotic Vacation

Merchant Services Provider with Perks

Each month your merchant provider profits from your sales volume. Your current merchant service company provides a valuable service to process your payments, but nothing else. We’re different.

We believe you should be rewarded with your sales volume and continued patronage with rewards, rebates, and other benefits no other merchant service provider offers. With our merchant service program, we provide secure and reliable transactions you can trust to help you manage your cash flow plus the world’s first and only loyalty rewards program.

Earn rewards

  • Build points with every point-of-sale purchase
  • Earn points on processing volume and other financial services
  • Redeem first rewards after six months
  • Accrue points until you’re ready to redeem
  • Select reward from a variety of options

Not all Merchant Services Providers are Equal

Make the switch today to start earning rewards on your sales volume. Our program matches your existing provider’s terms and conditions. There’s no cost to switch. There’s no cost for this program. We simply reward you for your sales volume. Points accrue with every point-of-sale purchase in your organization.

Exotic Destination
Exotic Destination

We reward you based on your sales volume.

Simple sign up

Secure and fast sign-up process online

Quick approval process

Decisions made within 48 hours

Use existing terminals

Reprogram existing terminals or send new, if necessary

Best-in-class processing

Secure and reliable processing with stellar service

Sign up in three easy steps

Sign up today


Click the button below to signup for the program. You’ll add financial information on a secure form.


We will provide approval information within 48 hours. If approved, we’ll send you a link to a DocuSign agreement.


Once approved and the contract is signed, we’ll program your existing equipment or overnight POS equipment, if required. Then, you’ll start accruing points for your rewards.

Seamless Integration

We will match your current contract. Simple integration.

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Simple Conversion

Once you’re approved, our first goal is to reprogram your existing POS equipment. If we are unable to reprogram the equipment, we will overnight new equipment.

We’ll connect your new MSP account to your financial institution quickly so you can begin accruing points for the trip of your dreams without missing a beat in your daily batch processing.

Since we match your existing MSP contract exactly, provide identical services, and make exotic travel vacation plans come to life, what could possibly hold you back?

How Rewards Work

View how easy it is to begin earning rewards.

View a sample redemption page.

Sample Redemption
Rewards Connections

Merchant Services

We are a merchant service provider first and foremost. Our unique offering allows us to offer rewards and rebates to our customers through collaborations and relationships with wholesalers and aggregated retailers. As a financial services provider, we guarantee to securely transfer your funds per the terms and conditions that match your current provider. The individual who registers the company for the merchant service provider is the person who earns the rewards.

Why Switch?

We understand switching merchant service providers is a big decision and a serious matter. That’s why we aim to make the switch easy for you. Plus, the reward is great. In this case, the rewards are never ending. We believe you deserve to be rewarded for your sales volume and your loyal patronage. That’s why we created this program. We think any inconveniences related to switching providers will be well worth the rewards you’ll redeem—and the experiences you will treasure for a lifetime.

When you’re relaxing on that dream vacation, exercising your way through an exotic destination, or redeeming points for a luxury gift item to treat yourself or a loved one, you’ll be so glad you switched from your doldrum provider to Connections Rewards. We will connect you with destinations and lavish gifts you thought beyond your reach.

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